“Pup” or not “pup”. A riskware question



Not to say that our jobs don’t provide us with funny moments from time to time, there I was on day I in front of a PC, whose only problem was the slow speed,  “totally without talent”in a manner of speeking, not the multitude of malware that migth have kicked the Windowses ass ;).

To remove this doubt, I investigated this as well because I didn’t want to tell the man  that I queezed my  neurons to optimise his pc while I  admired butterflies  through the window, finding a malware with a funny name : pup.riskwaretool.ck. “Pup” in romanian means to kiss

The Scanning was performed with the free version on Malwarebytes while leaving on the Eset Nod32 . Althoug this is one of the best AV it does not scan all places on your pc. You can however trick him to do so by scanning with this malwarebytes because the Eset Nod 32 will scan any opend file by the antimalware soft.This  “anti cockroaches” software , although very good, being among my favorites, flags as  malware and many things were not necessarily harmful system. For example this pup.riskwaretool.ck wich is probably from am MS Office actvator. As a personal oppinion I would not recomand installing anything on your system if your antivirus says it might be infected.

Pup.riskwaretool.ck is a false statement to fool you. There isn’t anything actually wrong with the file but it’s labeled as a bad thing because ypu are pirating software .  CK is the code name of a procedure, method or interface of a compiled file or a company name, etc.. The lack of other trojans, backdoors, rootkits, etc.. shows  that there is no serious problem.

So is it a bood or bad for us? Well I would rather install an Oppen Office then having that on my system, but you do as you please.

In my opinion this  (“kissing “) pup.riskwaretool.ck occurs when installing a pirated copy MS Office 2010. For those who install this software, because it has diffrent  color than lets say MS OFFice 20007 and becasue they are too experienced with MS Office 2007 and it does not do the job (bur 2010 does it) I recomend them to stop. In principle weapons do no kill people, people do… I can say that computer viruses do not infect computers …people do. So do not install software if your AV says it is infected. Use what ever Office you have installed, ou can find a way to do your work. Use an Office 2010 viewer if you need, it s free. Copy the content using copy-paste into an older version of Office and so leave your windows clean.


~ by chitzibush on 08/06/2012.

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