Downgrade from windows 7 to xp

Many customers have old  software installed on their machines and they need that software after a computer upgrade too, of after a computer crash  which is the same because they need a new pc anyway. But what can they do if resellers only sell Windows 7?

Well, the answer is they can downgrade from windows 7 to xp legally. To do this they  have to purchase a PC with Windows 7 Professional OEM license. Very important to be OEM otherwise it will not be legal. .After that they can downgrade—at no additional cost—to Windows Vista or xp.

Understanding Downgrade Rights :

If you build the PC with your own hands, and you have the windows 7 pro license with you , here is what you have to do:  Do not install using the windows 7 dvd because the downgrade procedure is as follows:  Install an windows xp pro oem with a valid key (let’s say from a neighbour). When finished call Microsoft and say you need to do an downgrade fron Windows 7 PRO OEM to windows XP PRO OEM.

By the way, you cannot downgrade to windows xp home, only to pro.

Hope this helps, best of luck.


~ by chitzibush on 18/06/2012.

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