Error 0xc0000e . Unbootable volume , unmountable boot volume

Suddenly windows 7 doesn’t boot no more and gives the error 0xc0000e.0xc0000e

Well I will give you the solution.

If your pc is new then probably there is nothing to worry about. Meaning you can solve the problem if you give up the AHCI. The real problem is the motherboard. I will explain…

Also, you are probably using an Intel platfom (Intel G620 in my case) and a motherboard with an H61 chipset (Gibagyte H61M in my case. ) and it probably has UEFI instead of teh normal BIOS.

The problem in that the UEFI looses the setting concering the hard drive controller. So if you’ve set it oh AHCI go back there and see that it has cahnged to IDE. Change it back and your windows will boot up again.

But this is only a temporary solution. An UEFI BIOS update will also fix the problem termporary. (PS: After the update you will have to set the controller back to AHCI again).

I also changed the mortherboard, memory and harddrive, plus the power supply. No change. The problem came back within weeks.

Either change back to IDE either try a motherboard with a diffrent chipset and UEFI. If you change the motherboard please be kind enaugh to let me know if it made any difference. ;))

If you go back to IDE your windows will not boot so before you make this decision put the controller on AHCI one last time, boot up, and start REGEDIT.EXE .

Go to Hkey_Local_machine\system\currentControlSet\Services\

Here there are two paramerters that are of interest to you, the msahci and the pciide.

To boot with ide controller enabled set ahci value to 3 and pciide to zero.

To boot with ahci controller enabled set ahci value to zero and pciide to 3.

The parametrename to be set ic called “start” I believe.

Then reboot , go back to bios and set the controller to IDE.

That’s it. problem solved.

Do not try to modify the registry values from a bootable cd, it may not do the trick.

O course you will loose the advantage of ncq if the hard drive has this ability, and hot-plugging . But at least you don’t have to buy new parts if the waranty is lost or expired


~ by chitzibush on 23/08/2012.

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